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What kind of material do you use for securing stairs ?

We use construction grade glue and screw and nails.

Do I have to leave the home while you work ?

No you do not have to leave the home.

Is the material you use solid or veneer ?

All tread is solid oak or maple.

Can we keep our existing railing ?

Of course! You’re welcome to keep the existing railings.

Can we use stairs after your work ?

We always ensure you can use your stairs over night after our work.

Do you have a show room or shop ?

Our shop is not open to public and our show room is what we do in your home. We can always setup a free appointment to allow you to view our work.

What payment methods do you accept ?

We try to make the payment process as easy as possible. As such, we accept Cheques, PayPal, Credit Cards, and Email Interact.

Which area’s do you cover ?

We work in all area’s around the Greater Toronto Area.

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